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Membership Invoice & Annual Meeting Reminders



Please note that your membership renewal invoices will be sent beginning in October. Payments can be made by credit card online directly from the emailed invoice.

Also: Remember that the OOS Annual Meeting's on-demand webinar access will expire soon, on September 30, 2021.

2021 Annual Meeting was a great success!

The 2021 OOS annual meeting had almost 100 physicians participating in an engaging, live webinar on Feb. 27. The format and agenda caught the eye of Ophthalmology Times and they featured five of speakers and their presentations in the June 15 digital edition. If you missed the meeting, these are excellent summaries.

1. Diagnosing Alzheimer's disease: Ophthalmologists have role in early detection


2. Optic neuritis: Differentiating MS from neuromyelitis optica


3. An eye toward plateau iris and its implications


4. Future looks promising for telemedicine


5. Light adjustable IOLs: Treat patients with Star Trek-like technology




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